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Gwell Trefnu!

Cynllunio Gwersi a Thracio yn Hawdd

Cwmpawd is an online literacy and numeracy planning and tracking tool being developed by the Systems Development Team in Ceredigion.

Using Cwmpawd, Teachers can plan effective learning experiences that incorporate and are driven by the literacy and numeracy framework.

Cwmpawd is open to all Ceredigion schools and accounts are being requested daily.

To create an account, please contact the Schools ICT Service Desk.

Cwmpawd, cynllunio ac olrhain yn erbyn y Fframwaith Llythrennedd a Rhifedd

Getting Started

  1. Register a new account or sign in to create and maintain your planning.
  2. Set up School Classes
  3. Set up Teacher Accounts
  4. Create one or two weeks to get the hang of things

Visit to register a new account or to sign in.

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