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Canolfan Athrawon

Teacher Centre is a fully featured, web based Management Information System (MIS) created for schools. Started in 2008 to support the schools and Education Authority of Ceredigion, Teacher Centre provides a simple and intuitive experience but with deep analytical capabilities; allowing you to focus on the data, not the tool.


Average Assessment Tracking Line

Interactive Timeline

Attendance Tracking Line

Colour graded assessments


Innovative Interactive Reports

Automatic creation of Statutory data returns (PLASC, CTF, NDC)

Full spectrum of Special Educational Needs management

Tracking of schemes, clubs and other activities pupils are involved in.

Country, County, Multiple Schools, School and perspectives.

Integrated SMS and email parental contact

Key Indicators

SIMS compatibility

SharePoint integration


Teacher Centre has a powerful reporting/analytics engine which allow you to easily find the exact cohort you are interested in and delve into the information about them. Simple specify one or more set-cohorts you want to either included or excluded in your result set. Examples are: SEN, below expected assessments, below expected attendance and FSM, to name a few. It is then trivial to create a report such as: Not on SEN, receiving FSM, below expected assessments.

The Development Team


Justin Denney

Systems Development Team Leader
Adam Work

Adam Irvine

ICT Development Officer
Merlyn Work

Merlyn Cooper

ICT Development Officer
Rhys Work

Rhys Hicks

ICT Development Officer